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ImmunoLytics is the leading mycology lab used by doctors, pharmacists, and environmental specialists to analyze mold samples and help evaluate patients' home, school and work environments, a vital step toward a healthier life. Our lab utilizes cutting-edge mold analysis focusing on mold identification and mold counts.

The information our mold test kits and analysis can provide is essential for helping determine if contamination is present and what steps must be taken if it is. Our complete analysis can tell homeowners, doctors or others exactly what they are dealing with in regard to mold type. This is vital for putting into place the proper remediation protocol.

While our main focus is on providing mold test products and in-depth analysis, at ImmunoLytics our work doesn’t stop when testing is completed. We also work closely with other companies to develop safe, all-natural alternatives for patients and environments affected by mold. We collaborate with doctors and specialists across the country, collecting and evaluating qualitative research on molds. We also ensure that our clients have access to a network of professionals who can assist them in further steps that might be required for mitigation and after-care.

Why choose ImmunoLytics?

At ImmunoLytics, we are fully committed to helping our clients face mold contamination concerns head-on. We distinguish ourselves from others who may provide products that enable homeowners to test for mold by:

Affordable.  All of our mold detector products are designed to be effective and affordable to ensure that our clients have access to the testing they need to safeguard their health.

Simple.  Our mold test kits are designed to be easy to use by providing everything homeowners need to have their homes tested for mold with a single purchase. The kits include testing materials, analysis, AND consultation in the price!

Comprehensive.  Simply confirming or denying the presence of mold is not enough for clients to determine what remediation steps they might need to take. Our detailed analysis includes both the quantity and type of mold found in the sample, along with a health index scale to help interpret the results.

Committed. When mold test results are completed, we don’t walk away. At ImmunoLytics, we feel it is our job to explain results, help clients with recommendations on what to do next and also to provide referrals clients may need. A positive test result can be very distressing and we don’t believe in leaving clients with nowhere to turn.

When there is a need to mold test, ImmunoLytics is the lab to count on. We stand with our clients every step of the way. To find out more about us or our products, just browse our website or contact us directly at (505) 217-0339 with any questions you may have.





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