Mold Basics

While most people don’t ever consider the need to purchase a mold test kit , there are times when it comes a very good idea to safeguard health. Understanding what is in a home, office or school environment is essential when there is a concern about mold, or health problems that may be related to its growth are already present.

Image 1: Moldy Chair

There are a variety of different molds that can grow in a home or office environment. The most dangerous type that is commonly found in homes is Stachybotrys , which is known as black mold , or toxic black mold . Information on Stachybotrys can be found under the "Black Mold" section. This is the variety of growth that makes using a mold detector to confirm or deny presence essential.

How ImmunoLytics Can Help

Mold growth in a home or office environment can be bad news. While not all growths are as dangerous as Stachybotrys, it is best to find out exactly what is present. At ImmunoLytics, we made it convenient and affordable for anyone to test for mold .

When you put your trust in ImmunoLytics, you will get the benefits of our extensive experience in mold and mold test procedures. In fact, we are the leading mycology lab used by environmental and medical professionals across the country. We specialize in providing mold test kits and analysis for hospitals, homes, offices, schools and more. Our expertise in providing and analyzing mold test kits is extensive, but our assistance to clients doesn’t end with a simple mold test.

At ImmunoLytics, we strongly believe it is our responsibility to help our clients throughout the entire mold test and remediation process. When a client purchases one of our mold detector kits, we follow up the testing with a phone conference to discuss results and any recommendations that might be necessary. We don’t leave our clients hanging to determine the next steps they should take, if any. If there is a concern following a mold test, we provide our clients access to a wide network of professionals who can help with health issues and remediation.

If you are concerned about mold growth in your home or workplace, ImmunoLytics is here to assist. Just order mold test kits from our convenient, online website to find out exactly what you are dealing with. Should you have any questions, contact us at (505) 217-0339 or .



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