How do I check for mold?

Finding out if you have a mold problem in your home or office is easier than you might think. Our mold test kits are designed to deliver extremely accurate results without a lot of preparatory work or time on your part. Simply order one of our easy-to-use mold test kits and follow the instructions in our downloadable Gravity Plate Instruction Sheet.



What To Expect From Our Mold Test Kits

Living with mold is just not something you want to do. It’s a simple fact – mold is hazardous to you and your family’s health. Entering into remediation, however, can be a costly and confusing experience if you don’t know exactly what you’re dealing with. That’s where our mold test kits come in handy. For very little money and time, our mold detector kits can tell you if mold is present in your home or office and, if spores are found, our analysis will determine the type, the spore count, and indicate the potential for adverse health affects for those exposed.

When you suspect mold , the very first step you should take is to have a professional mold assessment performed. Our easy to use mold test kits make the process simple, affordable and convenient for you. Determining what type of mold you are dealing with is important because some types of mold are indicators of water damage and some can pose serious health threats. When a mold test kit reveals the type of mold present, the steps necessary for remediation become clearer.

ImmunoLytics is one of the top mycology labs in the country. Doctors, hospitals, environmental specialists, pharmacists and more rely on our services to help determine if mold is present.  We look forward to serving your mold testing needs with accuracy, professionalism, and attention to service.

Each one of our mold test kits includes: 


Mold test plates

Our kits include 2 or more plates, depending on kit selection, to allow you to test multiple rooms in your home.


Instruction sheet

Our simple-to-follow instructions make it very easy to test for mold.


Processing form

Just fill this out and send it back to us with your samples.


Online full color report

Once we complete the analysis of your mold test, we will email your results to you and put the results online so you can retrieve them at any time.


Mold type identification

Our mold test kits do come with a complete analysis that includes typing.


Mold count

Knowing you have mold is not enough to tell you how serious the problem is. Our mold counts can assist on this front.


Telephone conference

Once your results are in, we make sure to provide you with a complete telephone conference with an environmental/pharmacy specialist to discuss the findings. If the mold detector test turns up concerns, our professionals will go over the information with you and provide you with access to specialists who can assist with the next steps.


Instructional Videos

Not sure how to do the testing? Need some help interpreting your results? Our website offers video tutorials to help you complete the testing and understand your results.

When there is a suspicion of contamination, having a mold test performed is simply the smart move to make. To find out if you have mold in your home or office, just order mold test kits directly from our website. If you would prefer, you can contact our lab directly at (505) 217-0339. We will gladly answer any mold-related questions you may have.

Put your trust in ImmunoLytics and you’ll find your health is our top concern. We are fully committed to providing the best mold testing materials available and fast service in processing. There’s no reason to wait any longer to find out what exactly shares your environment.


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